Having already read through the tutorial once, I stil find myself mildly 
confused on a couple of matters. 

Firstly, all the stuff relating to doubled short or long intagers and bits and 
bytes. I'm rather uncertain why or when I would want to use variables such as 
int8, double, or short which relate to the size of bits and bytes. Shorely, a 
number is a number and can be written as such? 

Secondly, I'm uncertain as to the difference betwene void functions and return 
result functions, and I must confess I don't follow this example: 

void main()
int x=add_numbers(3, 5);
alert("Wow", "3 + 5 is... " + x + "!");
int add_numbers(int first, int second)
int result=first+second;

I can see that the alert will write the text string with the int x, however, 
hasn't the (3 + 5), already produced the result of 8 for x? 

Also, I have absolutely no idea what the business involving "int first" and 
"int second" is all about, sinse how does bgt know what first and second 
actually mean? it seems this function is working with a lot of intagers which 
haven't been defigned successfully, but which work (I tried creating a secript 
with this and it printed fine). 

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. 

Btw, sinse I'm interested in rpg games (and sinse I'm not exactly overflowing 
with useable sounds), I thought I'd begin by writing a basic text box turn 
based combat game similar to acefire. I can't promise anything astounding, but 
I'm hoping it'll be a good exercise for me if nothing els, and teach me 
something useful about Bgt.

Beware the grue! 

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