I follow the printing business, ---- but I'm uncertain as to the "int first, int second business, sinse these don't seem to have been defigned, ---- also I'm a litle confused as to what a return statement is exactly for.

I thought you make global variables and had your functions alter those.

For instance, you start with int hp = 100. You setup a function to change this value, ---- then is it not changed until you setup another function to return it to 100 again?

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I'm going to try to answer your questions:
1. Void fucntions are functions that don't return anythin gI.e: No
return statements allowed.
2. "3+5" in between quotes is going to be printed  as such.
if you say alert("3+5=8"); it's going to print exactly that. if you
said something like.
alert("hey "+3+5);
that would print 8 because you're putting it outside a string.


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