Ok so I woke up at a rather ungodly hour this morning and was seized by an urge 
to try to work on my game. And of course then I got into adding new ideas to 
what I want for the game. It's still going to be a game in the style of 
Berzerk, but there might actually be something of a point to it. I decided to 
settle on ten levels of robot fighting, then a final boss level where you had 
to destroy the robots' controlling supercomputer. Not in the original Berzerk I 
know, but that's what happens when you get bitten by the creativity bug. Of 
course right now I can't even get the program to start long enough to play the 
intro (which I'll have to redo with this new story idea in mind), much less get 
the keyboard commands working the way I want them. Call me slow but I really 
don't understand the sound positioning thing. And then of course there'll be 
the scoring system, how often powerups appear, how long they remain onscreen to 
be collected, yada yada yada. I'm hoping that this will be my first game once 
A. I own BGT Light and can purchase my own domain and have my own web site. All 
that aside I'd appreciate any help I can get, whether it be with code or 
sounds. And of course credit will be given where due.
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