Hi Philip,
Oh, I see. Yeah, I am not so much worried about weather a class has
public, private, or protected members so much as I can arrange my
variables and functions by relationship. I learned to do that in
college, and it is like second nature to me. When I saw the manual
looking at things from a procedural approach I was forced to think
about my script structure from a totally different way than I'm really
use to.
As far as procedural verses oop that is a case of to each his own.
However, while I was in college and got into languages like Java,
which is object oriented all the way, I really fell in love with that
style of design. Once I write all of my classes I can just package
them up and use them forever more or less unchanged.  The power of the
.NET Framework is a testament to how well predefined classes are for
modern programmers. Need a button just create an instance of the
Button class and set its properties. Need an edit field create a new
instance of the TextBox class and set its properties. Need to randomly
select a number use the Random class. Anything and everything you need
is all wrapped up in a few hundred classes ready and waiting to use.
It sure beats reinventing the wheel so to speak.


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