It's actually quite odd, considdering that the very fact which makes the games playable from a low vision perspective, ---- the simpler, easier to see graphics, also makes them less appealing to blind players because of the sound.

Well, all the more reason for audio remakes.

As far as weapons go, please! not a catana! does everyone! have to have a catana these days? ;D.

What's wrong with a Saxon Broardsword, or a greko/roman style gladius? ---- or how about a Germanic two handed bastard sword? ---- really Catanas aren't the only interesting swords out there you know!

I'm just waiting for someone to retell the legend of King arthur with him having to pull a catana from the stone, then quest for the graille beside sir lancelot wielding a nodachi, Sir pelinor with a bow staff and sir Galahad with two codachi!

Beware the grue!


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