Another point Tom, is that Swords have been considdered a great symbol of nobility in japanese culture for a long time, ---- indeed there are historical periods when the lower classes weren't permitted to carry swords, hence the developement of farming tools as weapons like the Tonfa.

An amusing take on this was a case my brother had when he was working for the police, in which someone attempted to claime that a Japanese rice flail was not an offensive weapon, --- neglecting to mention it's common name of nunchaku!

As an interesting point for games though, just as there has been a western interest in Japanese culture, there are now several signs that interests are going the other way, --- for instance the recent anime, shivalier deon, set in the France of Luis the 14th.

Btw, my brother is an animenut, so I tend to pick this sort of stuff up from him ;D.

Beware the grue!

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Hi Dark,
Hahahahaha! Yeah, that would be pretty weird seeing King Arthor and
the rest all armed to the teeth with all these Japanese weapons.
However, fortunately I am enough of a historian and purest not to do
something quite that rediculous. Grin.
As far as why all these martial arts weapons are so popular consider
who is writing most of the vidio games these days. Most of the major
mainstream games are being put out by Japanese owned companies and
naturally their culture gets fused heavily into their game releases.
Martial arts is heavily important to the Japanese people, and instead
of swords and weapons from a number of cultures people are getting
exposed to one cultures concept of  weaponry.
I, on the other hand, have a rather indepth interest in ancient
history and mythology. Thus why games like Tomb Hunter. As a result of
that interest if I were to set a story in England during the early
middle ages Arthor and the rest would be equipped suitably with
weapons and armor present from that era not Japanese weapons. Lol!

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