Hi Dark,
That's a nice idea, but there is a thing called copyright law. So
strictly speaking your idea isn't strictly legal, and couldland the
developer/developers in hot water as it breaks the license for those
sound files.
Basicly, the way it works if an individual or company purchases a
commercial license for those sounds in the library it is to be used by
that individual or company, and not by a third-party developer. So if
USA Games were to purchase a sound library from Sound Ideas or
somebody and gave it to Draconis Entertainment, GMA Games, whatever we
would be in breach of the license and it would be considered piracy by
the company that produced the sound library. So while your idea is
nice it isn't feasable from a legal standpoint.
Once again, the copyright laws are designed in favor of corperations,
big businesses, etc  and if an individual or small business doesn't
have the funds to legally license sounds, music, trademarks, whatever
that's just tough. There is no consideration for a special class like
the blind who are largely unemployed world wide, and don't have the
funds to invest in the same sorts of things a major corperation can.
Bottom line, it all comes down to pure greed.

"Come on. Come on. Listen to the moneytalk."

On 5/28/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi tom.
> Actually, while I know this was a rather exasperated joke, there may be
> something in what you suggest, ---- at least as far as sounds go.
> Sounds afterall, unlike programming libraries or developement tools, may be
> used by any game dev around.
> How about a donation scheme, sinse if 30 people donated ten usd, you'd have
> enough for at least one of those cds'. The sounds could then be loaded onto
> a password locked secure site, and the password could be given to
> developers.
> while, failing winning the lottery or a serious bank robbery, we might not
> be able to raise the hundred grand or so necessary to pay you, ---- or
> anyone else to make audio sf4, ---- scraping together 500 usd for some
> royalty free sounds might not be quite so unreasonable if people work
> together and are willing to donate a litle.
> this is also why I propose the sounds be placed on a secure site with a
> password which the major devs would have access to and would give out to
> anyone demed as necessary, ---- sinse then your not just donating to one
> person, but essentially to the entire community, and thus making all future
> games better.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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