Hi Yohandy,
Sigh...Weather you realise it or not, not  every accessible game out
there is just another space invaders clone like Troopenum or Aliens in
the Outback. Have you ever tried Entombed, Rail Racer, 3D Velocity, or
Time of Conflict?
All of these are newer accessible games just coming onto the
accessible games market and while they are not mainstream quality they
are certainly better than games like Troopenum.  I think you need to
look at what is available instead of just assuming every single game
is just another Space Invaders clone which they are not.
However, you've convinced me we need to do something about this all
the same. How about you put your wollet were your mouth is and do
something about it for a change?
Okay you say you want games like Street Fighter 4 if you agree to fit
the bill for sounds, music, and pay me a yearly salary I'll go to work
for you bright and early Monday morning. I'm absolutely serious. If
you can give me a reasonable income, cover my medical, plus provide me
the software and tools I need to create the next great Street Fighter
4 for the blind I'll do it, but I can't do it without money and an
income to keep a roof over my head and cover living expenses. I'm not
going to do it for free.
You say the sounds in accessible games aren't good enough for you. How
about purchasing the community a sound library of royalty free sounds
from Sound Ideas.  Last time I checked a cd costs $$300 to $500 a pop.
You can easily put $5,000 into a reasonable sound library jjust to get
started making games. If you purchase them for me I'll use them. If
not then you'll just have to put up with what I can afford on my
Basicly, I don't want to shoot your ideas down, be a wet blanket, but
you have to get realistic.  Just because you want something to be a
certain way doesn't mean it is realisticly feasable no matter how much
you wish it to be otherwise.  If you believe that is feasable all I'm
saying is put your money were your mouth is and make it happen or stop
complaining about it. If it truly means that much to you personally
then start by purchasing sounds, learn to program, and make a
contribution rather than blaming us for failing to  reach your quality
and standards.


On 5/27/10, Yohandy <yohand...@gmail.com> wrote:
> ok guys, I'm willing to hear your suggestions then. what do we do? just keep
> things the way they are and never have any advancement where audio games are
> concerned? don't shoot down my ideas, come up with some of your own. how
> will things be different in a few years? they wouldn't be. it'll still be a
> 1 man developer job. so because it's hard does it mean it should never
> happen? are most blind gamers destined to play space invaders clones forever
> with mediocre sound effects? see the frustrating thing is most people on
> here have nothing to compare the lack of great games to. Some of us here
> grew up playing mainstream games, so we know what's out there and what's
> possible, but many on here would be happy to play troopinam for years to
> come with no complaints and it's simply frustrating. I think some people
> here wouldn't care if we ever got good games or not because they're just
> satisfied with what they already have and that's really sad, not because the
> game is or isn't a good one, but because this level of resignation is what's
> holding us back. then again, perhaps gamers are to blame? next time you're
> considering spending your money on the newest shiniest iphone or blindy
> product, how about purchasing an actual console and check out what's truly
> out there gaming wise? then you guys can make your own decisions and
> determine if I'm write or not. if there's no interest for this out there,
> it'll never happen. If I had the money, I'd be at e3 every year and at every
> gaming convention out there trying to make a difference instead of spending
> it on iphones.

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