Saying I identify sounds by colour is not actually quite right.

it's more the sense that the way I experience sounds, ---- indeed any sensations bar sight, is with a combination of colour and tactile sense. This goes for concepts and days of the weak as well.

This is why I'm so impressed by good quality sounds and ambience because they improve the "Graphics" of the game.

As to the happy houses thing, it was in a litle game one amigar Magazine put out for christmas calls psycho Santa.

Naughty jack frost had stolen Christmas cheer from a village, and you had to bomb houses with presents from above while taking out various flying nasties (including giant rubber chickens and killer snowmen), with your deadly snow balls of doom!

Each level was named "happy house 1, make one house happy" and reflected the number of houses you needed to drop presents on to complete the level.

I believe it got up to ten before you finished the game.

Beware the grue!

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Hi Dark,
Lol! Happy houses? Happy House 1, the dinner of doom! actually identify colors by sound? Hahaha...That's new for me, it must give you quite
an interesting gaming experience.
Best Rgeards,

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