Hi Charles,
That's interesting. Since I had sight for several years I enjoy the
description of identifying ship by color as that is more like the
classic Atari games I use to play. I imagine since James North was
sighted himself when he wrote the game he found it easier to associate
ships by color as well.
For one thing when arcade games first started coming out in the late
70's they were all in black and white. Once they finally were able to
come up with 16 colors and later 256 colors game developers wanted to
give everything a different color to make the games colorful and with
lots of splashy graphics. that truly was a revolutionary thing for us
sighted gamers.
As early as 1984 I remember what they did with Montezuma's Revenge,
and how they did their best to give each room a different color scheme
to make each room and level different.  As you know there were white,
red, and blue keys that when to the white, red, and blue doors.  Some
rooms were in yellow if there was sunlight coming in and otheres were
I want to say a violet color if it was gloomy. If it was bpitch black
the entire screen went black unless Panama Joe happened to have a
When the Nintendo came out it was of course 256 color, and the
graphics were even better yet. In large part because it put the 16
color scheme of games like Packman and Montezuma's Revenge to shame.
The first Nintendo game I ever played was Super Mario and the game
worlds were much more colorful and visually apealing.
At any rate speaking as a sighted gamer I always associated things by
color. Like go to room 4 and get the red key. Go to room 6 and open
the red door. Jump on the blue block and break it. You get the idea.

On 5/31/10, Charles Rivard <woofer...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> To me, a color is merely a nondescriptive name.  I was born blind.  In
> Aliens in the Outback, I prefer giving reference to the ship by the initial
> level in which is was first introduced.  A red ship means nothing to me, but
> a level 2, 4, 1, or whatever gives it an identifyable label.  The ships I
> have problems with first come up in level 3.

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