Hi Dark,
Oh, I know. I happen to agree with you that the idea is pretty far
fetched for a game like Mysteries of the Ancients as it seams unlikely
that a normal person like Angela Carter could pick up magic gemstones
or scrolls and start wielding magic. Plus it just doesn't fit the
treasure hunting type genre either.
However, as I mentioned before I am working on a fantacy roll playing
adventure similar to  fantacy games like Golden Ax where magic scrolls
and magic stones would be fairly par for that style of game. In Golden
Ax instead of the magic pots you get from the robed dudes you could
get magic scrolls or magic stones that give you special abilities like
casting fire, ice blast, lightning bolts, etc.  So I guess you could
say I've been turning my thoughts to my next game of late and the
magic scrolls and magic stones idea is floating around in my head.
Plus I've greatly been influenced by Entombed. Suddenly the idea of
being able to pick a ddwarf, amazon, or barbarion like in Golden Ax
doesn't seam all that impressive as it once did. It would be cooler to
be able to custom create your character such as gender, class, and
race. Then embark on your own Golden Ax type adventure. Toome having a
grater number of heroes to choose from would ad a lot of replay value
as each hero would add a slightly different feel to the game as he/she
would have different abilities and strengths.


On 6/2/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> I like the magic gems and puzles notion, ---- for instance an ice crystal
> could give you temporary immunity to fire allowing you to leg it through
> some inconveneint flames.
> However, Having a modern day archaeologist suddenly spouting spells from
> ancient scrolls she just runs across in a tomb? ----- hmmm, That seems a bit
> too far out to me especially with guns blazing and bullits flying the rest
> of the time. Making use of magical devices currently in the tombs, ---- eg,
> a magic sword gem or key seems okay sinse afterall these are ancient
> artifacts, but reading spells from scrolls implies that Dr. Carter herself
> has the ability to cast magic, ---- which just seems bizarre!
> Afterall, the lady's name is Angela Carter, ---- not potter! ;D.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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