Thats a good idea, but one I think I will add to the next game in the
Tomb Hunter series.  Main reason is my inventory list is getting quite
full with guns, swords, whips, a dagger,  bow and arrow, etc.  As it
happens I just added a bronze brestplate to the game to help even up
the odds on higher difficulty levels. I royally get my butt kicked on
expert, and I hope this will help even up the odds some as enemy
attacks won't do quite as much damage while Angela has it on.

On 5/31/10, clement chou <chou.clem...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Tom. While your idea is great about having the health meter slowly
> regenerate after drinking a potion, I think that you should do what a lot of
> games also do. Have different levels worth of potion, so that one has to
> choose which one to use. Say, one potion that restores 25% health, another
> that restores 50, and another one that regenerates. But have diferent
> conditions... say you can have potions worth more have to be reached by
> passing through obstacles, or they can get droped off tougher enemies. Just
> a suggestion.

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