Actually Tom, a miner correction. Marrio's first game was indeed the original Donkey Kong, ----= apparently he began as a carpenter working on construction sites and was renamed from his japanese name of Jumpman to appeal to Americans as a nice italian sterriotype! of course, with nes graphics the way you make someone Italian is to make them fat, ---- ie, round, ---- thus causing the double pun sinse maru is Japanese for ball shaped, and give them a mustache, ;D.

Also, apparently his original gf in the donkey kong games who he rescued was called pauline.

then, in the 2nd donkey Kong game, you actually played donkey kong jrrescuing a caged dk from the evil mario (yes! he was the villain in that game).

In the third, for some crazy reason, apparently mario got lost entirely and the main character became Stanley the bug man, who had to stop donkey kong descending onto potted plants in a greenhouse by, ---- mmmm, spreying insecticide up his behind!

The only one of these I've actually played is Dk Junior (the one with evil mario), sinse once my sister was in hammersmith Hospital having some tests done and they had a nes with super mario bros and that game.

I am however very! familiar withe the Donkey Kong country games on the snes Released in 1994 onwards, ---- in fact I remember using the games as revision breaks for my gcse's when I was 14 ;D.

A company called rare got the rights to donkey Kong, and actually completely revamped the series. You now played as Donkey and his litle friend diddy kong, running through their own platform game on Kongo island trying to stop a bunch of evil crocodiles called Kremlings who'd pinched their banana hoard!

I love these games! the environments, music, and gameplay are fantastic, in fact some of tarzan jr rather reminded me of dk country sinse they involve a lot of swinging across vines.

Also amusingly enough, they feature the original Donkey Kong, now known as Cranky Kong, who turns up, gives hints, and goes on about how the young kids should be lucky to get all these fancy shmancy colour graphics and how when he was young he was lucky to get a single shade of grey! ;D.

Btw, how I know all this is a combination of said mario character faq, and in fact playing the dk country games myself.

I'd love to see some audio platform adventure games with the sort of variety of environments and ambience (not to mention music), which dkc has. Everything from jungles to mine cart riding to factories, pirate ships and wimming through caves, and at least two hidden bonus rooms per level!

beware the Grue!


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