Oh, assuming I ever did that, creating a Star Wars fleet command game,
it would have to be freeware.  I definitely would not try and sell it.
That would surely bring  Lucas's lawyers down on me, and I could get
sued for selling it with out permission. However, if I released the
game as freeware, fan fiction, it is unlikely they would do anything
major. About the worst I could expect is a legal letter ordering me to
remove the game from my web site, and abandon the project.
Although, I wouldn't necessarily have to put it on my web site to
begin with. I could always slap it on my Send Space account where they
aren't likely to stumble across it.  In other words if I release it as
anonymously or release it possibly as open source there isn't a whole
lot they can do to me legally. It will largely take the teeth out of
their legal bite I think. I know that the open source community, for
example, has won several battles over copyrights and the courts are
beginning to allow more copyrighted content to be used under the free
fair use claws of the copyright law. This by no means makes it
strictly legal, per say, but I've seen a number of free open source
clones of games out there that would technically violate copyright
law, but have been allowed to continue development. It is a fine line,
but the fact remains going free and possibly open source with a
project like that would be my best bet.

On 6/11/10, shaun everiss <shau...@xtra.co.nz> wrote:
> how do the licences for that go though.
> I suppose that would have to be free to or is that licence different
> for starwars.

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