Hi tom.

I do take your point extremely. I must confess this is why i myself never have much interest in mods of superliam, pipe or similar because I'd rather play the game the way the developer intended. As a life long tolkeen fan (and a pretty major Dr. who fan as well), i also take your point about cannon (in fact some of the messings up of tolkeen I've seen recently in the indorcements of the peter Jaxon films, have really got on my whick).

It strikes me however, that the cannon debate is something of a separate issue. Afterall, suppose you created your own scifi stratogy game, ---- like galaxy ranger, then (as in lone wolf), the only existing cannon would be that you, as originator of the game create not a huge amount of extra information and resources as in startrek, dr. who, etc.

In terms of game creation tools, it strikes me it depends entirely upon the game it's content, and the creator's choice.

games that are heavily driven by plot, such as Mega man or even Sryth, are as based on the author's intentions as films or books. They have a distinct story (allbeit that that can change due to corperate pressure and other factors).

For those games, mucking about with game content to the point where that story is removed seems as bad as someone I once knew who wrote a harry potter fanfic where draco Malfoy got together with hermione granger. when i asked how these two characters actually got together at all, and what had changed, she just replied "well it's my fanfic so they just do"

which seemed intrinsically wrong to me.

On the other hand, take psudocu. You have a game with no rules or logic outside it's own nature. For a developer of a sudocu game to claime that the sudocu puzles they'd personally set in the game were irrevocable and should not be changed would be distinctly unreasonable.

Btw, this has actually happened with the boulderdash puzle's action games. Even though released with a level editer, and entirely based on puzles where you collect diamonds in a mine with litle or no plot, First star software did at one time claime that their levels were the only ones possible.

thankfully now, after people have been creating bd levels for years, and even new bd games with extra elements such as emerald mine and supaplex that claime has been removed.

It strikes me editable games are betwene these two extremes, absolute cannon works of art, and symple puzles, and the extent the developer decides to make them editable should vary accordingly.

It is however true that editers and level creators can greatly expand a games' replayability and content, and give users distinctly fun things to do with a game, ---- look at Jim's golf game as an example. Perhaps therefore we need a balance, where some elements of a game are editable and others aren't, ---- just like in the rail racer track creator where you can create new tracks, but not new upgrades for your racer which give you uba speed or unabalance the game.

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