Hi Dark,
Yes, very true. Expantion packs are definitely the way to go when it
comes to developers continuing an existing product as well as giving
them something to release between new products that may take months or
years to create. there is also the personal aspect here to consider.
This may seam a bit selfish to some, maybe, but I know a lot of
developers don't really like end users drastically altering their
games. Many have put in place encrypted sound files, don't include
level editors, and other such methods of fully customizing the game or
expanding it. This is probibly largely do to the fact that by allowing
these changes anyone can replace the sounds, levels, enemies, and
other such elements with their own creating something else never
intended by the developer.
Well, in my own way I am not all that different. I've been a huge Star
Trek fan for my entire life, and have watched, read, and listened to
just about everything Star Trek imaginable. As a result I have a vast
amount of first-hand knowledge of the Star Trek universe. Coming from
that background and perspective I want my own Star Trek game to stick
to the Star Trek cannon as closely as possible. I would be extremely
disappointed to download some user created missions that deviates from
the Star Trek cannon, or download custom sounds for the game that
wouldn't be true to the Star Trek series.
For example, I can imagine someone replacing the sound of the
Enterprise's phasers with the sound of the Defiant's phasers. Someone
might really think that was totally cool. For me, though, I would find
it a major turn off. I wouldn't like that at all. An issue like that
would simply be a matter of personal preference, and since it is my
game I would encurrage people not to alter my game in that way.
However, if I leave it open to customization drastic changes in plot,
sounds, whatever are bound to occur that I might not agree with or
even like and therefore wouldn't necessarily want just anyone to
change the game.
However, I also see their side of the debate as well. A lot of gamers
don't have an ounce of programming skills, and wouldn't even know
where to begin in creating there own games. One way they can do this
quickly and easily is by customizing an existing game. Although, it
might not be a totally new game the soundpacks, new speech files,
whatever can drasticly change the game and make it seam rather new.
For example, a game like STFC might have all of the sounds, music, and
speech files replaced with those for a Star Wars fleet simulator. A
cool idea to be sure, but might not be how the original author
imagined his/her game being used by the public at large. I myself
would have mixed feelings about such an alteration to my game.
Bottom line, as I see it level editors, mission parcers, etc are great
ways to expand the game, but I've seen plenty of times where that
ability can take the game in a completely different direction from the
one intended. Either that or end users do something rediculous that
the author of the game might not approve of. Case in point.
Many of us have been big fans of Lone Wolf for several years, and I
have personally been a fan of the mission parcer. However, there have
been several missions, which I shall leave nameless, i thought were
just down right stupid or rediculous. As a result I deleted them from
my Lone Wolf folder and never intend to put them back on my system
again. Others I really loved and play constantly. As a gamer I see the
Lone Wolf mission parcer as a good thing and a bad thing. It is great
when a really good mission designer comes along and creates good
missions to play, and equally bad when someone puts together something
that is basicly crap.  By restricting the public from adding their own
custom missions whatever to a game is a two edged sword. You certainly
filter out all the crappy missions that might be created as well as
some truly awesome missions. It is a hard decision to make.


On 6/11/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> While fan created missions wqould be nice, i'd be happy with you writing
> expantion packs of say 10 missions each for the game and selling them as
> extras myself provided that this would be possible with your various other
> projects.
> As we've said before, expantion packs are a great way for a developer to get
> the most out of one game, and for players to have a larger, more complex
> experience playing..
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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