Hi Dark,
Yeah, that's essentially what I was getting at. I don't see a problem
giving a customer level editors, track editors, whatever in a game
where it isn't tightly based on a specific story line.  Thus adding
custom content doesn't greatly effect the game in a drastic way.
For example, Jim Kitchen's Monopoly. I see the game more as a Monopoly
Engine where you can add custom boards, tokens, and money to suit your
interests. That's fine, because replacing the triditional Monopoly
board with a Star Trek themed Monopoly board doesn't totally change
the game. It just gives you a more customized game to play is all. As
a developer I'm fine with that.
However, if I gave my customers the ability to add new content to
Mysteries of the Ancients that would be a different story. Since the
game is a lot like Indiana Jones, Rogue Angel, and Tomb Raider  there
is a lot of history and mythology wrapped up in creating  a game like
that. As an avid fan of history and ancient mythology a game like that
is the perfect medium for me to explore those interests in a playable
format, and pass my interest on to others in the audio games community
in the process. Nothing would turn me off more than someone to get
their hands on a level editor and then add monsters and characters
from say Harry Potter to the game. Such a modification wouldn't be
appreciated by me at all as it would completely go against everything
I spent time creating.
Like you I've read my share of fan fiction. Some of it is very good,
and some of it can't be called anything other than weird. The fan
fiction story about Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger getting together
is a sad case in point of how the author completely ignored cannon in
favor of creating his/her own story out of it. On one level I
understand that, but for fans like me changing a story that drasticly
to suit someone's own personal interests is just distasteful.
I remember this one time where I was browsing through some Tomb Raider
fan fic, whichhappens to be one of my favorite vidio games of all
time, and discovered a story that majorly turned me off. Now, I don't
have anything against lezbians, someone choosing to be gay, but I
don't appreciate someone completely rewriting the main character's
sexual preferences just to suit their own sexual preferences. Which is
exactly what happened in this particular story.
Everything I've ever read about Lara Croft, official cannon that is,
indicates she is straight. No indication she is into other women, or
that she is AC-DC. So with that in mind I was not exactly pleased to
discover in this particular story she had a girl friend, they were
kissing in the story, were lovers, and it seams the entire adventure
was simply there to glue this love story together about Lara and her
female lover. To put it nicely it was completely distasteful in my
personal opinion.
I remember posting a comment about it asking why the author decided to
change Lara's character so drasticly, converting her from straight to
gay, and the author's reply was predictable enough.  She heatedly
responded that she is gay, she thinks Lara should be gay, and if I
didn't like it I was being predigest and so on. That wasn't the case
at all, of course, and I figured it wasn't worth arguing over. It
simply was a case of me not really liking the way she represented
Lara's character in the story that was so drasticly different from the
cannon that I couldn't get into the story at all. I guess being
straight myself it was sort of difficult excepting this new version of
Lara having female romantic interests. Not at all how I ever imagined
her that's for sure.
I think when it comes down to it that is a major reason why copyright
holders discurrage any kind of fan fiction. Part of it is that it
infringes on their ability to create and market new content, and part
of it is some fans just don't care about preserving the story or ideas
in their original form.  Some authors just don't appreciate their work
being turned into something else other than the way they imagined it.
As the author/creator it is easy to see it as your idea, your work,
and certainly don't want people to change it for some reason.


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