That's correct. The names Set and Seth refer to the same Egyptian god.
It all depends on which translation you happen to be reading from.
Some translations are translated from Greek to  English and some are
translations from Egyptian to English. That's why you might discover
different names for the same god or goddess.
As far as Set and the Tomb Raider games that would be Tomb Raider The
:Last Revelation.  In that game Lara Croft finds Set's underground
tomb in Egypt and removes the amulet of Horris thinking to take it
home with her only to discover she released Set's spirit from the
tomb, and now he has returned to take over the world. She then is
tasked with figuring out a way to put him back in his tomb or
imprisoning him so he can't carry out his evil plans. As you said you
can't kill Set, it is an impossible battle, but there is a way to
defeat him by destroying the temple of Horris and burying him inside
the temple. Thus entombing him forever.

On 6/27/10, Bryan Peterson <bpeterson2...@cableone.net> wrote:
> Isn't he called Set in some translations? Or is that another deity entirely?
> If so, didn't you mention once that he's featured as a boss, albeit an
> unbeatable one, in one of the Tomb Raider games?
> We are the Knights who say...Ni!

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