Hi Steve,
Interesting. I don't know of many accessible game developers that have
created a web based game that was both visually graphical and fully
accessible to a blind player other than All in Plays card games. One
game that might help you and the developer of this game is an
accessible game called Sudo-San. It is written in Flash, is played on
the web, is simple, and can be found at
and could be a good starting place for looking into developing browser
based games for the blind and sighted.


On 6/28/10, Steve S <st...@crustysocks.com> wrote:
> Hi Shaun and thanks for the info.  The range of games is amazing, but what's
> in mind at the moment is not a complex game, it's how to make, let's say a
> shooting game that people play daily on the web accessible.  My son plays
> Call of Duty and all those mind blowing games on the PS3, but believe me he
> loves playing other games on the web, that you would probably find boring.
> I don't think it's because the game is boring, it's because we can't get
> immersed in it's simplisity, because we can't get involved for example.
> Like I said in a previous post...a game he played, he aimed the mouse and
> clicked, he then clicked again when looking at a visual meter to shoot...he
> was on that game for about 1 hour 15 mins...and he had COD upstairs!  The
> game offered a lot of thought, calculation and game play against another
> person in another country, pretty rewarding.  So, there lies the quest.  The
> best way to have a VIP move that mouse with the keyboard, select the
> position and get involved in the on line game-play...that's just an example,
> but see what I mean.  I hope to learn what's needed, because that can always
> lead on to more complex projects, cheers Steve.

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