For me, using classic menue settings isn't anything to do with accessibility, it's because I really hate the business microsoft has of "reactive" controls and menues such as auto complete, most recently viewed etc.

i like to index things such as favourites lists, program shortcuts etc the way I! want to, and I don't want blasted windows bringing up lists of most recently viewed this, auto complete that and "microsoft recommended" the other.

I like classic menues simply because they stay the same and don't end up moving arround depending upon what I've been doing, and because I can personally organize them more easily into catagories I want and order I want.

I suspect that when i end up using windows7, the first thing I'll do is work out how to turn off all that shuffling menues rubbish and reorganize things my way, but in windows xp sinse classic options automatically turns off all that rubbish, it's easier just to use that.

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