Well, last I heard Windows XP is going to be supported until 2014
which is quite a while yet. Microsoft was going to drop support in
2011 but several corperations screamed bloody murder over that because
several businesses still haven't upgraded to Vista or Windows 7 yet.
Anyway, you have a few years before you have to make a decision what
to do.
As far as this attitude I'll never upgrade to Windows 7 because of
reason x I've heard that story before. Back when Windows 98 was out
and XP was new plenty of businesses, home users, etc said the same
thing.  They wouldn't go XP no matter what, but eventually everyone
with any sense eventually got new computers with XP on it and tossed
their Windows 98 era stuff in the trash. Old computers break downm,
old software can't be updated any more,  new software doesn't support
the older os, etc and sooner or later the unwilling customer has to
upgrade or get left behind in the dust technologically.

On 7/7/10, shaun everiss <shau...@xtra.co.nz> wrote:
> well I don't think they will stop anyone using xp eventually no
> updates for it anymore thats all.
> I'd like to get win7 eventually but upgrading jaws and hal when I
> don't use it etc I don't even use xp to its fullest.
> And I like xp.
> I have no need right now.
> and unless things change in 10 years or so I probably still won't.
> Sertainly I will have a home system in xp I don
> 't need all that swanky new hardware.
>>If they stop me using xp, I'll simply have to use ubuntu. I'm not
>>paying that price for windows 7.
>>You can download the c++ runtimes, which are standard libraries that
>>are used when you use visual studio 2008 or 2005 to compile your
>>code. As xp was released before that you need to download the
>>updates. They are not considered standard system requirements,
>>because most windows systems have them installed. Putting them on
>>his websight as a requirement is kind of like Thomas telling you you
>>need drivers for your soundcard so the soundcard can work.

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