To be honest that's something I don't quite get about VI computer
users. Just about everyone I've met uses classic start menu this,
classic desktop that, etc. Why in the heck not just use XP with the
default settings? I have ever since XP came out, I have never used the
classic menus etc, and yet just about every VI user out there has his
or her system setup to look like Windows 95/98. I just don't get that
mentality at all. It is backwards to my thinking.
A few have told me quote unquote that is more accessible or so they
have been told. That's just crap in my book. Both classic and XP
defaults are totally accessible so that's not an excuse. So there
really isn't any reason for why everyone wants the classic menus etc.
I just don't get it personally.
Now, that Windows 7 is out and there is no retro classic menus etc
that's the main thing VI computer users are complaining about.  It is
like what's the big deal. I don't have a problem with the new start
menu and actually like it better than the previous start menu setup.
It is actually a bit nicer once you learn where everything is.


On 7/7/10, shaun everiss <shau...@xtra.co.nz> wrote:
> windows vista was a pile of crap.
> win7 is better than vista.
> It also put me off windows.
> there is no cclassic menu in win7 though so you will have to get used
> to a different type of navigation though once you get used to it
> aparently you can search for what you want and it comes up.
> I still like the old way.

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