Hi Damien,
Oh, believe me, i do understand where you are coming from. Windows
Vista was terrible. Perhaps one of the worst Windows releases ever.
When it first came out it was buggy, unstable, was missing drivers,
crashed a lot, and a lot of older software didn't work with it.
Personally, I believe Microsoft rushed it to market without fully
testing and updating the software.
However, Windows 7 is a  different story. It only has been out since
November and it was far more stable on the day it was released than
Vista was after service pack 1 came out. A lot of unnecessary code was
removed as a result Windows 7 performs better and  runs faster than
Vista, but does need a fairly up to date machine to run really good.
Since Windows Vista was released in 2007 many hardware manufacturers
have worked really hard to step up production of Windos Vista drivers
and most of them are Windows 7 ready and only required miner updates
to make Windows 7 drivers. As a result Windows 7 has a fairly decent
driver library that Vista didn't have. On and on we can go comparing
changes and differences between Vista and Windows 7.
All I am saying is keep an open mind. Don't begin bashing Windows 7
based on bad experiences with Vista. That's just wrong, and I think it
needs to be judged on its own terms. If you have specific issues with
Windows 7, okay, but let's not begin treating it as just another Vista
before actually trying it first.


Windows 7 Pro does have a Windows XP compatibility mode if you wanted
to know.  I haven't tried it myself. I heard it takes more memory and
processor power, but the ability to run older software not specificly
Windows 7 ready is there in the professional version.


On 7/6/10, Damien Pendleton <dam...@x-sight-interactive.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> To be honest Windows Vista was enough to put me off trying all future
> versions of Windows. I know I shouldn't be prejudiced, but if you spent as
> much time having what felt to you to be the world's biggest problems getting
> things to run and work correctly with Vista as good as if it did with XP,
> I'm sure you'd know why.
> Although there have been times when I felt the urge to try it, hoping for a
> change, but I haven't yet had access to a Windows 7 machine, and I have
> neither the physical space nor the money to buy whole new equipment just to
> play host to an operating system that I may not even use.
> Regards,
> Damien.

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