Hi, Ben.
Who knows. My guess is that is pretty hard for anyone to locate and
investigate every possible misuse of their licensed material. It is a
case of it is so common place that they can't necessarily take action
against everyone so quite a bit of it just slips through the cracks.
What Bryan and I are mainly getting at is what could happen if you
were to get caught. Not necessarily implying you will get caught, or
anything will actually come of it. I too have seen cases where this or
that just slipped through the cracks unnoticed.
For example, way back in the early 90's before I had completely lost
my sight the big thing was the game called Doom. One of the things
that made Doom so popular is ID Software released an expantion for the
game that allowed you to create your own wad files complete with
custom graphics, sounds, level maps, etc. It got to be a huge hit with
mainstream gamers and naturally there were all kinds of expantions
such as Terminator, Star Wars, etc that ran on the Doom engine.
Surprisingly nobodywas making an issue of the various expantions, but
they certainly could have seeing as these were obvious rip offs of
copyrighted material like Star Wars.
Then, of course, Agrip modified ID Software's Quake engine and named
it Audio Quake. Cara Quinn, who I believe is on this list, created her
own version of Audio Quake with a Star Wars theme called Jedi Quake.
Cara has never gotten in any trouble with her Jedi Quake mod but
that's not to say Lucas Licensing couldn't come breathing down on her
someday for it either.  It is probably just a case of what they don't
know won't hurt them, or us for that matter.
As for end user licensing I figured as much. A lot of people have a
bad habbit of not reading them, but they really should.  It might
sound like a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo, but it really tells you and
others what the terms of the software are. If you do something that is
not permited in the terms of the license the developer or company has
the right to take you to court and sue for damages. Saying you didn't
read the license is no defence in court. If you click the "I Agree"
button then you agreed to it. That's all there is to it.


On 10/3/10, Ben <gamehead...@aol.co.uk> wrote:
> Sorry tom.  I wish to give you my most humble apologies.  No one that I know
> reads those things anyway.  Its just out of habit.  But thanks for bringing
> that to light.  Here's the conundrum for you.  How comes people can post
> thousands or even millions of videos on youtube regarding star wars mods of
> commercial games that have the same type of agreement and they do not get
> destroyed for it?

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