Hi, Ben.
Oh, I see. Still that's no excuse for modifying someone elses game.
I'll just say right now I don't really approve of people modding my
games. The way I create them is the way I intend people to play them.
That's why the end user license agreement, which you obviously haven't
read, forbids the modifying of any USA Games titles. If this is going
to be a big problem for people I might have to go the way of Philip
Bennefall and others and just encrypt the sounds to keep people from
modifying my games in ways not intended by the developer. Fortunately,
I'm not like Microsoft or Lucas and plan to drag you into court for
every miner breech of license, but still it is not wise to directly
get on a list like this and tell a developer you have decided to mod
his game even though you agreed to the terms of the license to install
the software. By agreeing to the license, weather you read it or not,
you are legally bound by that license to do as the developer
instructs. If they say not to decompile, modify, reverse engineer, or
otherwise tamper with the normal operation of the software that's
exactly what they mean. All of my games currently have a commercial
license, and as such they are to be treated as any other commercial
software product you buy.

On 10/3/10, Ben <gamehead...@aol.co.uk> wrote:
> Ahh.  I'm just not thinking straight at the moment.  I can't write bgt at
> the moment either since firstly although I'm really committed to the idea I
> can't because I don't have the time with school and stuff.  Secondly... I've
> read the tutorial at least 30 times and still don't know where to begin!

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