Hi Lori,
Well, the reason the health stats are the way thay are is to be more
like mainstream games. You know how in a mainstream game they usually
have a little health bar that shows red if your health is critical,
yellow if it is fair, green if it is good, and blue if it is at full,
 I decided to emulate that by saying critical, poor, fair, good, etc
rather than just giving you something like 85%. No mainstream game
does that and I don't believe that accessible games need to be that
specific either. For one thing it is down right unrealistic.
For example, let's say you get hurt. Does a doctor walk up to you and
say "well, Lori, your health is 85%." No, of course not. He'll tell
you your health is good, fair, poor, whatever in general terms. So
that's my logic for doing it that way.
As for the shift+arrow key combo for run I honestly don't like it, but
I have gotten so many complaints about that I have decided to asign
run to shift+arrow in the next beta.  It would appear since company x
does it that way I'm naturally expected to do it  that way too. Even
though I'm personally of the opinion it is easier to use run on the
left and right arrow keys.


On 10/5/10, Lori Duncan <lori_dunca...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Tom, this is just a small suggestion, but I personally feel the health
> stats should be change, by that I mean set them back to numbers like 100%
> rather than good, poor etc.  Also I think running should be set to the shift
> key.  I feel it makes controling Angela easier.  Many thanks from Lori.

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