speaking of vanishing platforms, there is a paticular game which comes to my mind here. When I still had sight I had an comodore amiga 500 at home. There was a game called BC Kid. Basically the main character was a guy where the head was a lot bigger then the whole body. In the various levels you killed the enemies by hitting them with your head. Some enemies needed more then one hit and the bosses needed a many hits of cause.
Well, to come back to vanishing platforms:
There was a stage which looked like a giant toy shop or something like that, the boss there was a giant toy car which tried to roll over you. In one level of this stage, there were giant square blocks to jump on. You started on the bottom of the level and had to get to to top by jumping on these blocks. But the tricky thing was, that these blocks split in the middle as soon as you landed on them. Thus, you had to keep jumping from block to block and couldn't rest anywhere, because you would fall down. It could be quite frustrating when you almost reached the top and then you stay on a block a split second too long and fall back down all the way. But this where the type of games which I liked to play and still would if I had the sight to do it. Unfortunately, I can't think of any game for the amiga which would be possible to play without sight, except maybe the early street fighter titles which came out for this system.

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