Indeed Tom, I've been stuck on parts of mega man and mario games for literally weeks, in fact on a recent playthrough of Mega man X 1 it took me a week to complete a moving ledge section simply because I hadn't played the game for a long while and had just forgotten the correct trick to getting through.

I think this is what difficulty levels are for, to try and give people this sort of balance.

As an interesting point, apparently the Us/europe release of Mega man 2, which had a normal and hard difficulty mode was completely made up for western release.

The Japanese version is apparently the hard mode, but nintendo though people would find that too difficult so only released it as a harder difficulty, ---- rather like the hole business with Mario 2 and the lost levels.

Interestingly enough though, sinse I've never actually played original Nes mega man, and only played it on the Mega man aniversary collection for the gamecube, I've only ever! played the hard mode of the game ;D. and while it is hard, I have actually finished the game a couple of times, ---- even though it did take quite a bit of doing.

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