Sagat's voice actor is Japanese... therefore he pronounces everything with an accent. I could switch to english with his character, but I'd rather no... lol.

Street Fighter 4 allows you to switch voices on an extreme basis. You can switch cutseen voices between english or japanese globally, and you can switch battle audio voices either globally or per character from english to japanese. So if you think Sagat sounds better in english, you can change him to that but keep Ryu in english so you can hear the hurricane kick pronunciation correctly as opposed to just raaaaaaa!

Well, keep in mind that cartoon sounds summarizes all the audio from fighting games from 1992 to about 2001. lol.

Hmm. Well, what kind of characters do you like? I love Guy's design. He fits y style reallywel.

I grew up with the duel shock on the psx. So SF games on a controller feel right at home with me.

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