Actually, Guile, being a trained soldier and all that, is quite likely to terminate an opponent- at least, it's how he's always been portrayed in the anime series. In the SF II Anime series, I believe the second episode, Guile handed Ryu and Ken such a beat-down it inspired the two of them to travel the world and learn how to fight on the streets instead of just in tournaments...and when Ken went back for a re-match with Guile, Guile promptly disabled him by throwing sands in his eyes rofl. Near the end of the series, when Guile and Charlie broke into Bison's stronghold to rescue Ken, Guile got into a U.S verses Russian deathmatch again Zangief- which ended to Zangief either dead or knocked-out, they didn't quite make clear as to which. So, from my perspective as to how the animes handle Guile, and my knowledge of military combat training- I was trained for a short while in Taiwan...I think Guile is more likely to actually kill his enemies rather than beat them then say something cheesy like 'That was a good fight, I'm proud to have fought you...' like Ryu or Ken lol.
My favorite quote by him from the SF II anime series is:
"You young punks run out of steam so I can kick your a**es all night!" I never got to like Jim in Tekken- to me he lacks the savagery of his dad and turns out like just another karate kid who got the mvoes and the look but not quite the drive. I guess I'm just one of the guys who never like the 'hero' of the story lol.

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