Have you guys tried the Playstation move? The tracking is amazing. trust me I tested it thoroughly and was in pain the next day haha. the controller tracks perfectly. had a few Wii owners here when my friend brought it over and they want a ps3 badly now. in fact now they trash talk their wii lol.

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Hi Clement,
Yeah, I've heard that too. You got a point. I know just with the
experience I have had with the Wii-Motes it is darn hard to do
anything precise because the motion sensor in the Wii-Mote usually
gives you too much motion or too little motion. While a cool idea in
concept it fails to give you the precision and reliability of a
standard joystick or game pad.
I'm pretty sure this Kinect device by Microsoft will have similar
drawbacks.The article did mention bugs in the system, and I'm pretty
sure one of them is that the Kinect device won't work with  all of the
XBox's flagship titles that need a standard controller. Plus some
games just don't feel right without a game controller for that matter.
For example, you can take any kind of racing game out there you like
and it feels quite natural to use it with a racing wheel. All of the
controles like the wheel, gear shift, breaks, etc feel in a lot of
respects like driving a car. Trying to use motions and gestures to
drive a car would frankly be down right weird and not very intuitive
in my opinion.

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