See Clement? This is why I respect your ideas. In fact if this happens we probably wouldn't even need the laser. I also agree that we'd need more health items. that's actually part of the problem. Items generate at the same rate on any difficulties. Man you're a genius. Hopefully Philip will implement this if gun ends up not being sufficient, which I doubt. We can't make the gun too powerful though, else game will become too easy. lol, I don't envy Philip's programming work right about now... Tweaking must be a tough beast to tame.

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Hi Phillip.

Now, I have a question. It seems to me that if you want to balance the game, and if the problem with enemies is that there are too many of them, could you, say, add an attack for the player that his everything on screen and knocks them back to give a bit of breathing room, but costs say a little bit of health? That's what beat em ups used to do, and it works well, IMO. A big attack, but you need to sacrifice some life for it... but that also means health pickups might need to come up more frequently on harder difficulties.

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