I'm afraid I don't agree on companies listening to fans, there have been far too many incidents I can think of where a company has acted directly against! fan interest.

Noteable ones include some Us vs Pal region releases, for instance releasing both mega man collections in the Us only, or rleasing the rockman perfect works only in Japan.

More recently there is the complete retcon of the mega man zero storyline, which essentially almost ruined the plot of the entire series simply because Capcom wanted to bring out more and more games and couldn't face having a popular character actually exit a game series in the way he initially appeared in it's sequal.

Street fighter wise, there have been innumerable debacles in the games' history, such as out sourcing final fight to an us based developr in 2006 to produce the travesty known as final fight streetwise, the wonderful exclusion of most of the line up from sf 3 (capcom got in lots of trouble over that one), and the complete absense of anything involving the final fight 2 cast, especially Maki who people really! want to return.

Capcom have actually had to do a serious amount of back pedling in the past few years, especially after the chalming statement from Kiaji inafune that "all the games happen in different universes" which nearly had their main offices stormed by rabid hoards of fans who'd been following the plot of series' like Mega man, street fighter etc for 20 years and were ready to commit bloody murder.

Capcom has recently been trying to get back in people's good books after all these rather awful pr blunders.

It's not just Capcom though. There was then the famous fall out betwene rare and nintendo which virtually ended the entire donkey kong country series despite the fact that fans were desperate for another game.

Nintendo have also been very guilty of the "japan only" release schedule which has earned them a lot of flack from a lot of people, especially sinse often in their history for an english release they've merely hacked one of their pre-existing games such as the famous Mario two business, tetris attack (which is known to many people as tetris a hack), and several of the games released for the nintendo scope, not to mention zelda out sourcing, pokemon rejiggerings and the like.

We also won't talk about what happened to the N64, where Nintendo managed to systematically annoy most of their fan base into buying the playstation.

I think all of this has resulted in companies having to make a U turn or risk losing their fans, ----- but stil, I'm personally exceptionally scheptical that a tick box survey on a facebook page or a release to a fan site actually counts as interaction.

heck, when a company brings out a survey asking "would you like x, y, or Z in the next game" they probably already have plans for all three alternatives on the drawing board.

Ultimately, I'd say most mainstream game companies only care about large scale public opinion which will increase their prophit, and have litle or no interest in doing anything more personal, ----- game accessibility very much included.

Sorry if this comes across slightly strong, it's just that even though I've been playing games now for over 23 years, every time I've tried to make an access suggestion to a main stream company it's gone no where at all, and all I've seen is companies becoming larger and larger and making more and more money as games get shorter and glitzier.

Beware the Grue!


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