Hi Philip,

Yeah, I get what your saying. The mixer is definitely a huge factor in
over all game performance. In fact, that is one reason why I switched
bakc to Streemway for the Windows releases. When I used OpenAL for
Windows it used a massive amount of memory to load the same amount of
sound data that I had in DirectX and performance went way down.
Switching back to Streemway performance went way back up. Plus
reducing the sound quality from 44100 KHZ to 22500 KHZ made a massive
improvement in over all system performance as well.

As for stopping sounds when they are out of range i already do that.
Basically, what I did when creating the engine is when you initialize
a sound you define a sound region, area, where the sound can be heard.
For example, if you asign it to room 5, that room and only that room,
is a sound region. If you enter room 5 the sounds start playing, and
if you leave room 5 all sounds in that room are stopped and the sounds
for room 6 are started. This keeps the game engine running smoothly as
it takes a lot of the system load off the mixer as it is usually only
dealing with say 5 to 10 sounds at a time rather than 50 or 60.

I appreciate your comments/suggestions. Yeah, I think spending the day
or two to modify the engine and game levels to scale things down
probably isn't worth it. As I said before memory usually is no object
these days as the least amount of ram I have on a computer is 1 GB,
and most of the computers my wife and I own have at least 2 GB or
more. Anyone here going to buy a computer today will have an extremely
high performance processor and ram and saving the ram by chopping
things down to size probably isn't worth the work to save a few
thousand KB of ramm.

Besides that I noticed when trying to redesign the MOTA levels using
the new scale my brain wouldn't work. I couldn'tthink of a chasm as a
single unit being 10 feet in length or 30 feet of wall being 3 units
long. I see things in my mind as actual scale, do my math that way,
and what I'd have to do is write it down as its actual scale and then
divide to come up witht the actual code that would get put into the
engine. Sounds too much like work.


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