Hi Eric,
The GMA game engine doesn't have the ability to increase the echo and pitch as you suggested. The one step from a wall feature was designed to play a different floor material such as a metal boarder in a room or corridor as in Shades of Doom, or to play a collision warning sound such as in Tank Commander.

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I have a rather stupid question?
why don't they use something similar to what we all hear in real life? that is, the closer you get to a wall, the stronger the echo of the surrounding soundscape will get (along with a corresponding change in pitch of the white noise in said environment). this near wall warning seems like its a little too arbitrary (one step away and it sounds? you can hear a wall in real life a lot further away than 1 step).

I know, it sounds stupid, but thats how I hear the world. btw, I don't play a lot of FPS games as I am on a mac. I used to play WoW before 5 months ago before the last of my eyesight went away. so I am not unfamiliar with computer FPS and MMO games.


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