Hi Bryan,

Yeah. That's the principle problem with any long series like the New
Jedi Order. There is way too much that happens with too many different
characters to realistically put into a single game.

For example, let's take luke Skywalker. He is obviously the lead
iconic figure of the Star Wars saga, but when it comes to the NJO
series he is almost of secondary importants.  In the NJO series Luke
Skywalker is more cast in the roll of teacher, leader, and so on
rather than out on the front lines like the old days. Sure there are
battles, engagements, he is in, but it seams all the rreal battles
involves someone else like Jaina, Jacen, Kip, Ganner, or someone else
from the expanded universe.

For that reason you pretty much have to pick different characters for
certain game levels, and sort through all the major battles and select
who or which character will be cast in the lead roll. The only
exception to that is if you make a game around something like the
final battle in Star by Star were Jacen, Jaina, Anican, etc invade the
Yuuzhan Vong worldship. In a case like that you can make a single game
because you have a limited number of characters to choose from, and a
fixed setting and objective to use for a stand alone game.

In another case, when the Star Wars Legacy of the Force series came
out I wanted to write a game based on that series. It was pretty clear
from the beginning of the series the disagreements between Jacen and
Jaina Solo were getting worse, and I figured it would end up coming to
a fight sooner or later. Especially, after Jacen had gone over to the
dark side, not surprising since Jacen always struck me as a bit weird
anyway, and Jaina takes after her mother as driven by duty and honor.
 As I expected the final battle at the  end of the series between
Jacen and Jaina was everything i tthought it would be. Quite simply a
battle to the death.

However, like the NJO series the Legacy of the Force series isn't a
straight line from point A to point B. Before Jacen actually battles
his sister he fights and kills a number of Jedi Knights including
Mara.  All of which plays into Jaina's reasons for fighting and
killing Jacen at the end. Without the various little threads of the
story reading the final book makes no sense, and can't b converted
into a game from Jaina's point of view as I had originally planned on
doing. At least not without cutscenes and/or blurbs to advance the

On 12/14/10, Bryan Peterson <bpeterson2...@cableone.net> wrote:
> I do seem to recall that. He became quite a thorn in the Yuuzhan Vongg's
> side as I recall and only made it worse when he and Ganner I believe stole
> the mummified bones of a Yuuzhan Vong warmaster. Then he ended up killing
> said Warmaster's grandson, Shedao Shai if I recall, by pressing the disk of
> his Lightsaber against his armor and then igniting the blade. Of course it'd
> need several fairly lengthy games to tell the entire New Jedi Order story I
> rather suspect, and it'd have to be like the Super Star Wars games at least
> in the respect tat you'd have to be able to play as different characters on
> different levels.
> We are the Knights who saaaaay...Ni!

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