That also gives me another thought. Yeah, even assuming such an
automated feature did exist how on earth would someone automate
everything anyway. Part of writing games is to get creative, creat new
worlds, new civilizations, and to boldly go where no man has gone
before. Grin.

If you are creating a Jedi Knight game and your template for a player
class doesn't have force powers like heal, blind, lightning, whatever
you are going to have to add it. If you don't know what the code does
there is no way you are going to add it. Philip can't realistically
think of a template wizard for everything.

As for the "Dreamweaver users" I know exactly what you mean. I can't
tell you how many times I've read web pages written in Front Page,
Dreamweaver, etc and the html is so messy and sloppily written I feel
like telling the owner just to delete it and start over from
scratch.Especially, when the editor like Front Page uses a lot of
non-standard tags for I.E. and don't work with Safari or Firefox. Like
"hello, stupid! Not everyone uses Internet Explorer." That's exactly
the kind of crap a person has to put up with when dealing with
automated wizards.

On 12/29/10, Mauricio Almeida <mauricio...@uol.com.br> wrote:
> Hi tom,
> Indeed, that's sort of what i was thinking before you said it.
> you might, as an experienced developer, not want to write up for
> instance, the code for a basic corridor again and again.
> well, all you do then is use your own template.
> this way, both ours and josh§s points are met: you learn programming,
> but in the long run, speeds up development.
> As a certified web designer, I have seen dreamweaver only designers
> stuck with messy code so many times that seriously, i dont even install
> dreamweaver anymore, ehh.
> the same applies to games.
> if you only used a wizard,  how would you, for instance, bug fix?
> how would you understand your code to argue why  or why not such feature
> would be added, etc?
> mauricio

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