Hi Shaun,

Oh, yeah, games definitely could take advantage of a 64-bit platform.
One, more available ram for images, sounds, music, etc. Two, the
ability to store large numbers for more accurate and realistic real
time simulations. I'm sure there are probably several other advantages
I'm forgetting, but there are definitely advantages to be had by
owning and using a 64-bit platform, but the main three are performance
issues, more available ram, and better precision when performing real
time calculations for this or that.

Note, that 32-bit vs 64-bit wouldn't impact games like Monopoly,
Solitare, Yatzi, etc very much. No, the types of games that would or
could take advantage is Lone Wolf, 3D Velocity, Tank Commander, etc as
those have a real time simulation bent to them and the greater
precision you can get out of the CPU the more realistic and lifelike
the game will perform under certain conditions. Plus a lot of what I'm
talking about also depends on the developer too. A developer not wel
versed in physics isn't going to make his/her game very realistic on a
32-bit or 64-bit platform if they don't know what they are doing.


On 1/13/11, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> probably true kay, I've actually never invested or needed high
> performance tools.
> What I have is quite poor but it does what I need which is not that much.
> My brother has a 64 bit system but 32 bit software.
> he plans to get 64 bit software, stuff runs quite fast on it, though
> I am not sure what his real attraction is to be honest, his speech
> dragon system takes a lot of power and he does do some enginering
> stuff so he probably needs it.
> Going back to topic, could games take advantage of 64 bit systems and
> what advantages could they really do.
> most stuff is still using legacy languages, some even use directx 7
> and lower still.

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