Hi Kai,

Definitely. Not only that as I said earlier the issue just isn't
related to memory as some people believe. There is a serious issue for
programmers when we have to support/map extremely large files to the
file system. Now days with blue ray, high definition digital camras,
etc it is becoming more and more common for the average Joe and Jane
to have some extremely huge files containing music, videos, whatever.
The old 32-bit file systems of the 32-bit Windows era just can't cope
with those kind of files in memory or saving them to the file system.
Plus I'm a musician/composer and believe me when I say that working
with the higher end sound production software 64-bit systems would
definitely come in handy.

On 1/12/11, Kai <kaixi...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Blinks? ...
> Blind individuals may also be involved in creative projects which require
> resource-intensive programs, such as Sonar which may load soft synths, sound
> fonts, and a multitude of other memory-consuming components.
> There definitely is a good reason to have the high memory, assuming your
> needs call for it. If you simply edit word documents, do some spreadsheets,
> edit a few PowerPoint presentations, check email, and the other usual
> activities such as browsing the internet, then four or more GB of RAM and a
> 3.6 GHZ Dual/quad core system might just be overkill. But if you're doing
> something intensive like the examples sited above, such specifications might
> just be the difference between getting a project done this week, rather than
> next week, when the due-date will have passed.
> Kai

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