Hi Kai,

Yeah, I've seen that kind of backwards mentality before too. When I
was still at Wright State, it must have been around 1999, I was
looking for a screen reader for Windows 2000, since that was the most
recent and most stable development platform, and I pretty much got the
same answer you did.  Everyone is using 95, 98, and Jaws and
Window-Eyes were looking primarily at supporting Millennium while the
tech types like me who needed the NT/2000 Pro platforms for college
were pretty much left on the side lines. Then, even when Jaws did
support Win 2000 they wanted double the price of a standard upgrade.
Never mind that Windows XP itself is based on the NT platform and is
an upgrade of Win 2000 and not Windows 9x. However, I see why most VI
users shy away from emerging technologies, because the agencies and
companies that are suppose to be helping us hold us back.

On 1/13/11, Kai <kaixi...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Greetings Thomas.
> I remember when I called Freedom Scientific around the time XP started,
> asking them if they had a version of Jaws that worked with the then-new
> operating system. their response was along the lines of: No we don't, since
> no one uses it. Our clients are using Windows 95 or 98.
> Mind you, XP had already been out for a while. I think it's that mentality
> of purposeful ostracism that makes it no mystery why visually impaired folk
> are still happy to use proprietary devices built on aging OS's like Windows
> CE, which cost about (at a generous estimation) 10 to 20 times the cost of
> the electronics inside them.
> Kai

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