Hi Philip,

What you say about 3d audio is quite true. I have been working on a 3d
engine, and unfortunately the test games I've created using 3d audio
don't sound quite right;. Especially, the bit where if you turn a
sound source will skip from the left speaker to the right just like
that. It makes centering anything a pain. Plus, DirectSound doesn't
work right on Windows 7 anyway making my attempts to test
DirectSound's 3d audio support practically impossible to get right.

Which brings us right back to Ken's game. I don't know if Ken knows
this but DirectSound is broken on Windows 7. As a result Heli needs to
use something else like FMOD Ex, XAudio2, or something else if Ken
wants to have 3d audio support in Heli and have it work with Win 7.
Else this game will only work correctly on Windows XP. Too bad because
I actually like the game so far.

On 1/30/11, Philip Bennefall <phi...@blastbay.com> wrote:
> Hi Ken,
> What you say makes perfect sense. I am pretty sure that BGT will not support
> full 3d graphics anytime soon, though one never knows what might happen in
> the future. As for 3d audio it is something that I will certainly implement,
> though I am not a big fan of it myself. At least, not of that in
> DirectSound. It is not realistic unless you have a full surround setup, and
> much harder to pinpoint precisely where objects are located than if stereo
> is used. And then you have the horribly annoying effect where a sound source
> jumpes all the way from left to right if you are close to it and turn on the
> x axis. Just a few reasons why 3d audio isn't really my thing, though I'm
> sure it can be put to great use by those who are interested in it. I might
> change my mind once I begin testing the 3d simulation provided by XAudio2,
> which will happen fairly soon as I am just waiting for my hired developer to
> finish coding that part.
> Kind regards,
> Philip Bennefall

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