Hi Thomas,
I understand where you are coming from as I wouldn't want people to add levels to my Sarah game. But consider the idea for Raceway where users could add additional tracks and cars to it.

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Hi Phil,

Well, to be honest I have mixed feelings about that subject. I do
certainly understand the desire to have level editors, but at the same
time I want the games to be created the way I invisioned it rather
than have someone else add his or her ideas to it and completely
change the nature of the game.

For example, over the course of developing Mysteries of the Ancients
I've seen all kinds of rediculous ideas. Several of them asking to add
this or that creature from Harry Potter, and they aren't necessarily
Greek in origen. Understandably I'd be upset, to say the least, if
there were a bunch of Harry Potter mods floating around as that would
totally kill the game for me. Mysteries of the Ancients is to be a
spin off from Tomb Raider not Harry Potter or anything else. So people
would have to stick to that storyline, but if you give them a level
editor there is no saying that is what they will do.

On the other hand games that have level editors etc have become quite
popular with the public. One such game, Doom, was hugely successful
because of the wad creation tools for the game. Back in the early to
mid 90's there were several custom wads for Doom including a
Terminator wad pack, Star Wars wad pack, etc and it really allowed
gamers like you and I to create our own games using the Doom engine.
As a end user I thought it was cool.

However, now that I'm a game developer myself my feelings have changed
about allowing end users the right to create there own custom game
levels with an existing game. For one thing any game I personally
create is something of a work of art as Geremy pointed out in another
thread. So when people change the game I labored to write, create a
certain way, I'm a bit offended as they are in effect saying they
don't like the game I spent countless hours, days, weeks, etc working
on. They want something else, and are just using my game to build some
other game they want.

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