Hi Phil,

Well, my feeling is basically like this. I don't mind something like a
track editor for Raceway because that is a specific type of tool for a
specific kind of game. That doesn't really effect the game in any way
other to give the player more kinds of custom tracks. I don't have any
problems with that kind of level editor.

However, there are other types of games where a custom level editor
isn't a good idea. It can be down right detrimental to the project
and/or the author's initial design. It opens the door to all kinds of
modifications that might apeal to the end user, but be just absolutely
disagreeable to the developer.

For example, besides having an interest in computer science I have
always been a huge fan of history, mithology, and archeology. As a
result games like Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, Montezuma's Revenge, or
anything like that has always apealed to me as a gamer. In such a
setting as that, where some historical accuracy is essential, the last
thing a developer wants is to have some end user just coming up with
some levels that have nothing to do with the mythology and history of
the game setting.

Imagine this. Suppose I decide one day to create a historical game
based on the life of Joan of Ark. You, the player, get to live out
various aspects of Joan's life. You might start out as a simple
peasant girl living in suthern France until one day you have a vision
that tells you to visit King Charles, the future King of France, and
to give him a message sent from God. As Joan you travel to the palace
and give Charles the message. As happens in history Charles places
young Joan in command of his army. Now dressed in mens clothing,
waring battle armour, and carrying a sword 16-year old Joan marches
north to Orleans where The English and Burgundians have laid siege to
the city. According to historical accounts under Joan's leadership the
French managed to break the six month siege in just under three days
after Joan took command of the army. From there Joan lead the French
in several battles until she was captured at the battle of Paris in
1430. Unfortunately, for Joan the English put her on trial and had her
wrongly exicuted for witchcraft. Well, actually she was executed for
waring mens clothing because the charge of witchcraft didn't stick.
However, that's beside the point. The fact is the English wanted Joan
executed, because she had helped put King Charles on the thrown a year
before, and by discrediting Joan as a witch they might be able to
convince the Pope to declare Charles a heretic and have him
excommunicated. If they had succeeded they would have completely
changed the power base in France, and King Edward would have had an
easier time taking control.

Anyway, in a game like that, where historical accuracy makes or breaks
the game, the last thing I would want is someone to modify the game.
It goes beyond just being a work of art. It is a historical
reenactment of a real person's life, personal struggles in war, and
one young woman's transformation from simple peasant girl to warrior
maiden.  Someone who's death was extremely tragic, but became a
rallying point for French men-in-arms who served under her command.
That kind of game needs care and attention to any historical details
we have on Joan's life and would be absolutely ruined through a level

Games of the Tomb Raider style could easily be ruined through careless
inattention to detail the same way. Oh, monsters like the lamia,
minotaur, the centaurs, harpies, and so on are completely fictional.
However, I borrowed them out of Greek mythology, and have tried to
stay close to the myths as much as possible. Someone who likes another
type of game might stick something like a basilisk in the game which
isn't at all Greek in origen. Totally out of place in that type of
game. So a level editor wouldn't really work out too well.


On 2/1/11, Phil Vlasak <p...@pcsgames.net> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> I understand where you are coming from as I wouldn't want people to add
> levels to my Sarah game.
> But consider the idea for Raceway where users could add additional tracks
> and cars to it.
> Phil

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