Hi Clement,

No, it definitely doesn't have to be an exact carbon copy. In fact,
that's a very bad idea considering how fanatical Nintendo is about
their copyrights to begin with. Plus something like Batman has so many
copyrights on it from music, sounds, trademark, etc that would require
some pretty major changes to slip under the copyright radar.

That said, we can use such games as a starting place for ideas,
general game play, and so on. Heck if we wanted a game like Batman
instead of having it in Gothom City we can create our own imaginary
city, super hero, and purchase original music, and we are set.  Even
if this man or woman is American doesn't mean he/she can't be trained
in martial arts and weapons. Just makes it more interesting than the
typical Asian Ninja beat-m-up is all.

Any way, it might be nice to keep the topic on list. After all, others
might be interested in dropping their ideas in the hat and we can see
what comes of it.Yohandy seams interested, your interested, I'm
interested and the list is a great forum for hashing out ideas for a
game like this.

On 3/5/11, Clement Chou <chou.clem...@gmail.com> wrote:
> True that. But it doesn't have to be an exact carbon copy with
> different characters though, does it? Double Dragon reputedly had
> martial arts in it, and you could, say, change the nationality of the
> characters if you are going to change the names as well. In that way,
> if they were to be Japanese or Asian, the game could take place in
> Asia, and thus feature a more martial arts-related kind of sceen. If
> you really do want to know what I have to say, we can continue this
> discussion offlist or on... I'd be happy to do either. I just think
> that martial arts is a great setting for beat em ups. Especially
> sidescrolling ones.

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