Absolutely. I only brought it up as an example... I didn't mean to imply a Canadian or American person couldn't be trained in martial arts. That would be like saying a Chinese person couldn't learn to use the Japanese sword... and since I'm doing that, well... lol. One of the things I'd like to see would be some minor platforming elements... as well as a bit of a deeper combat system. Not too deep to bring it out of the scope of older beat 'em ups such as double dragon or final fight, but deeper than just the one-button mashing to get through the entire game. lol. As well, quick-time events, such as those that come up in games like God of War would be a nice touch as well. There are times in a lot of modern games where a cinema will trigger, as it happens you have to press buttons as the screen prompts you. As an example, in Yakuza 3, when you fight through one of the action stages, you have to dodge enemies with knives that come at you from behind doors as you try and advance. In that instance, a cinema will happen showing the main character opening the door and the enemy coming at him. At this point, the prompt for the x button on the controller will appear on the screen... and you're given a certain amount of time to press that button. If you miss the button-press, you get hit and lose health. Press the button on time and it shows Kiryu, the protagonist, sidestepping the lunge and kicking his opponent out of the way. Just little things I think would make a game like that interesting. In the Yakuza series, that same system of pressing buttons is used for certain super moves. One for example, requires you to press three buttons during the cinematic move of beating down four enemies. Right after the first hit of the move initiates you are prompted to hit the circle button. About two hits later, the triangle button. Another hit, and the square button is to be pressed... and then you sit back and watch as Kiryu dispatches the last remaining enemy. But if you miss any of the buttons, the move ends prematurely. Hope that was a clear enough explanation.

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