Hi Ken,

Well, to be honest getting free acting really isn't the problem. I'm
sure there is lots of people who would be willing to help. There were
plenty of people who tried out for Angela Carter in Mysteries of the
Ancients as well. The real problem is, as Philip has also mentioned,
quality. There is a huge difference in highring a professional or
semiprofessional voice talent verses taking on free voice talent for a

For instance, equipment. Most of the people on this list have a $8.00
to $20.00 microphone they purchased to use Skype and things like that.
While it is certainly fine for talking over Skype such microphones are
not good enough for professional voice recordings. There is usually
too much static, hiss, and background noise to clean them up properly.
Plus if you have to do a lot of editing to clean them up chances are
you will end up stripping some of the quality from the voice recording
trying to drop out the background noise etc to say nothing of he extra
time involved in editing and post production. I'd prefer someone who
does voice recording have a professional recording microphone which
most people wouldn't have unless they are a musician or do any kind of
professional or semiprofessional recording at home to begin with.

Second, they really need a fairly quiet place to do the recordings in
the first place. You'd be surprised how many submissions had everyday
background noise like a television in the next room, a car outside
blowing is horn, and the sound of there PC fans going in the
background. We obviously don't want any of that kind of background
noise showing up in the recording because you can't really edit it
out. Professionals usually have a room that is fairly sound proof,
computer fans that are extremely quiet, etc just so they can produce
the clearest and cleanest recording possible.  From the free voice
recordings I've gotten from those trying out for Angela I felt just
too much background noise was on the recordings.

Finally, there is the issue of talent. While I appreciate everyone who
sent in submissions some made too many mistakes when trying to do the
recordings. They either didn't convey the right mood/expression in
their voice, or they messed up the lines in some other way. We
generally don't have this problem with professional voice talent.

Basically, all I'm saying is you get what you pay for. If you don't
use semiprofessional or professional voice talent it is going to come
out in the game. If you aim for top quality like I do that really
matters. If you just want to create something free, using average
voice talent, then you are going to get a game of average quality. In
this business I think money really does count when it comes to the
kind of quality we can expect from a game.


On 3/7/11, Ken the Crazy <kenwdow...@neo.rr.com> wrote:
> I bet you could get a lot of people on list to do the acting.  I know that I
> could do male voices quite easily.  Have them volunteer for it--no free game
> since you worked on it so long.  I am sure people would do it.  I think
> people would jump at the chance to help with a game.  Yeah, I know, my
> sentences are short and rambling, but I just woke up.
> Ken Downey
> President
> DreamTechInteractive!
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> Blind Comfort!
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> It's the Caring
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