What I thought in the spirit of platforming would probably be something similar to Mota, with leaping over pits and climbing ropes. Or, as I've seen in quite a few beat em ups lately, have multiple levels of platforms that are at different angles from each other. Leap onto one, but have another platform slightly higher and to the right, etc, with some sort of obstacle underneath that can only be passed by using those platforms.

God of war is a hack and slash that came out in 2005 I think it was on the ps2. The quick-time events serve as ways to kill bosses and complete certain puzzles. So, when a boss's health gets down to a certain amount, a random button sequence is shown on screen and you have to hit the button prompts in the right order to do something special to the boss that will probably do a lot of damage or kill them outright. Miss the buttons, and the boss might get back up with just a bit more health. These are also known as QTE's, since the time when they happen is theoretically unexpected if the person has not read a walkthrough, and the buttons change sequence every time. Quick time event is just the word used to describe anything like this that happen in games. That's a real way to test how sharp your reflexes are and how much your brain is concentrating on the game.

As for time and money. That kind of seen doesn't require the most depth to me. Sometimes in games all the cinema is is showing the character doing something to avoid something else... an example in Yakuza 3 again since I just played the last two chapters with a friend and beat it. Amazing ending. Anyway, when you fight the last boss, there is a point where he opens fire on you with two pistols. At this point, button sequences appear, and if you hit all the buttons, Kiryu will perform several dodge and roll techniques to get out of the way of the fire. The sequence I got was circle, x, triangle, square, triangle. If I'd missed one of the buttons which I actually did my first time, the QTE stops and Kiryu gets hit with several pieces of flying lead... that wasn't fun. My health was low enough and that firestorm just killed me. Litterally. But anyway, I think that these sequences would come down more to programming than anything financially related since half these sequences don't have any sort of talking in them. Dunno though, correct me if I'm wrong.

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