Hi Dark,

Yeah, I agree with that. It is better to let a series come to some
kind of final conclusion rather than let it go on and on forever. I've
seen series that drag on and on for years and it seams at some point
all it does is ends up getting worse and worse the longer it drags on.
Authors run out of new ideas, new ways to market it, and eventually
nobody wants to read, watch, or listen to it any more. The longer it
drags out the more ways the author has of screwing up the story.

For example, let's take Xena Warrior Princess. It was a television
series I was fond of. I watched it clear up until season 4, and then
it took a nose dive. Around season 5 it really began to get worse and
the storylines for the epasodes weren't that good compared to the
first couple of seasons. Even worse when they finally did reach the
last epasode in season 6 they ended it with Xena being beheaded and
Gabrialle walking away crying. They killed it because I think they had
too long with the series, and by season 5 and season 6 they were
frankly out of ideas how to progress the series any further.

Star Trek Next Generation is another case in point. In general the
entire seven seasons were all fairly good. It remains my favorite
television series of all time. The only thing is when they decided to
go to the big screen they ruined the series in a big way. In Star Trek
Generations they destroyed the Enterprise, and had to replace it with
a newer looking Enterprise in First Contact. Data finally got his
emotion chip which forever changed his character that could be good or
bad depending on your point of view. What really took the cake is Star
Trek Nemesis. Yeah, they finally brought the Riker and Troi
relationship to a close by marrying them at the beginning of the
movie, which was good, but they killed off Data, destroyed the new
Enterprise, and Riker finally got his own ship at the end of the
movie. I'm sorry, but I think they had too much time to screw up the
Next Gen series. They'd have been better off to end it at All Good
Things, and then leave it at that.

Anyway, like I was saying regardless if it is Xena, Star Trek, Star
Wars, or Harry Potter the longer the author has to drag a series out
the longer he or she has of ruining it. I'm personally glad J. K.
Rowling ended it at Deathly Hallows, because it was one of those
series that had a potential for going on forever, but it would have
eventually lost its charm if it was out there for too long. In a way,
I think J. K. Rowling did ruin the series at the end because many of
the main characters were killed off by the end of the series. Not
exactly the happy ending we were expecting.


On 3/8/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Actually Muhammed I'm afraid I totally disagree.
> I'm really not a fan of series of books or tv series that just go on and on
> and on without ending churning out one thing after another getting worse and
> worse and never actually resolving plot.
> Startrek voyager rather fell into this gap, as have many anime which go on
> for hundreds of episodes with not much happening.
> personally while I love harry potter, I think jk rowling is right to let the
> story end as a complete story rather than dragging it out.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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