Hi everyone,

Speaking of cummunity projects I've got a number of these in mind I've
been thinking about for quite a long time myself. Since Ken has
brought the subject up of community projects on list I thought I might
share afew of my own ideas, and see what you think.

For instance, when I was growing up in the 80's and 90's I was a real
super hero junky. I use to buy comic books, action figures, play video
games, etc all containing popular comic super heroes like Superman,
Batman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, you name it. I rarely went anywhere
without a comicbook with me to read. So not surprisingly when paper
and pen roll playing games started to become really popular in the
80's and 90's I got books for both the DC Universe and Marvel Universe
roll playing games. Unfortunately, to make a long story short through
a number of reasons I really didn't get much chance to enjoy them. I
lost my sight so I couldn't look things up easily, my friends lost
interested in those roll playing games, and these days I don't know of
a guild in my area interested in playing such games. To add insult to
injury most of those roll playing games have migrated to the internet
like DC Universe Online and odds are hell will freeze over before the
developers will make it accessible enough for us to play. Which brings
me to my point.

As I already own the source books for these games I've often thought I
could create an open source RPG game using the stats and characters
from the books, and write my own adventures for the DC and Marvel
Universe characters.  Since the project would essentially be open
source, a full comunity project written as fan fiction, I don't think
copyrights would be that big an issue here. If I wrote it as a
text-based project without official music, sounds, and voice clips it
is even less likely DC Comics or Marvel Comics would come after me.
However, before I would even put the time into a project of this size
I'd like to know if there is any community interest in something like
this. I know roll playing games that we can play are few and far
between, and what RPG games there are like Entombed, Angband, and
Sryth are set in a Dungeons and Dragons style universe. I'd like
something a bit more with a super hero theme personally.

Of course, text-based roll playing games aren't the only thing on my
mind. I've been thinking that what we need is some good accessible
retro remakes of classic arcade games such as Asteroids, centipede,
Double Dragon, Legend of Kage, etc. Not tomention some of the super
hero themed games like Batman Return of the Joker or Spiderman verses
the Sinister 6 etc. These might be more complext to crate as we'd need
sounds, music, etc but I think it would be a great experience for the
community as a whole to have some of these classic games. To enjoy
them as I once did. Any thoughts/suggestions here?


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