Hi Ken,

Yeah, that was basically my point. As someone who plays NetHack and
other text games like it once and a while sounds would be nice, but
for me aren't necessary to enjoy the game. Hopefully the story and
game play is good enough to keep you occupied/entertained.

As far as using the Jaws cursor I'm not sure how to answer that one.
Window-Eyes does a good job of reading the Windows command prompt so
whenever the text changes on screen it reads it automatically. I don't
have a braille display to test it and I suppose you will probably have
to use the Jaws cursor if you are using a braille display. If you have
a better idea how to make it work better with braille displays or
something like the PM let me know, but whatever I do you'd have to use
somekind of screen review. A plane text application is about as simple
and accessible as you can get.

As for Graphic Audio check it out. They have done some of the major DC
Comics comicbook series such as Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite
Crisis,  52, Count Down, Final Crisis, Superman Never Ending Battle,
and several more. They are only like $13 each so they are not that
expensive either. In a way they are better than reading thecomic books
just because of all the sound effects, music, and top of the line
voice acting.

It is kind of funny but growing up in the 70's and 80's I always
thought of Linda Carter as the voice of Wonder Woman because she
played Wonder Woman in the television series. However, after listening
to the graphic audio audio recordings I think the Graphic Audio
actress does a better job. Her voice is perfectly suited for playing
an Amazon warrior princess.


On 3/21/11, Ken the Crazy <kenwdow...@neo.rr.com> wrote:
> Wow!  I'd love to get my hand on some of these comic book stories.  Does
> Graphic Audio do all this?  Sounds fantastic!
> Well, as far as the violence goes, I enjoy good violence sometimes--just not
> what you want to read to the kiddies.
> Also, I don't need it to be in HTML.  I think I like the SRC idea a heck of
> a lot better actually, and it definitely sounds better than doing all the
> calculations myself like in Arborell.  I can imagine some sound effects
> adding to it nicely as well, but it could be overdone I suppose.  I mean, if
> Nethack were full of sounds it wouldn't be NetHack anymore, so I get your
> point.  My big thing is, if I'm going to play a text game, I should be able
> to read it on my Braille display, and not have to spend half my time moving
> the jaws cursor around--that's all.  I guess that's been the only thing
> keeping me from text adventure games recently.
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